How to get to Andorra

Here you will find the necessary information for your trip to Andorra, whatever your means of transport.

By plane:

Although the Andorran airport is not yet prepared for regular commercial flights, you can find various international airports in a 200 km radius around it. The main ones being those of Toulouse-Blagnac and Barcelona-El Prat (although there are others: Carcassonne, Perpignan, Lleida, Girona). Once there, various shuttle (bus) will allow you to access the principality.

By train:

To reach Andorra by train, you will have to take the Spanish railway network (RENFE) or the French network (SNCF). Some shuttles provide the link from the stations to the Principality. It will also be possible to rent a car to complete your journey.
If you want access to Andorra from France, it is possible to get close as possible by reaching the Hospitalet station near Andorra. Then, you will be able to take a connecting bus to reach the capital.

By bus:

The bus remains the most popular means of access by tourists that not traveling with their own vehicle. Some cities in France, Spain and Portugal offer daily service to the Principality. You can view the various transport companies, the proposed timetables and fares by clicking on the link of the National Mobility Agency (

For example, it will take about 2h30 to do the nearly 200 kilometers between Toulouse Andorra (the distance and the travel time are almost the same to reach Andorra from Barcelona).

By car:

Andorra has an access to the main roads of France and Spain.

However, you can reach the Principality via two main routes:

  • One from France, via the Ariege, whose entrance is in the Pas de la Casa (2000 meters) and with the ascent of the Port d’Envalira. You can avoid the rise of Port via the tunnel at the entrance of the town of Pas de la Casa.
  • The other from Spain, crossing the catalan region of Urgell. The access to the Principality will be done then be from the south by the village of Sant Julià and whose route will take you directly to Andorra la Vella.
A very picturesque place with mountain roads that makes dream all the bikers...
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