Formalities and insurance

Find some tips about entry formalities in Andorra and risk coverage of the competition.


Although Andorra, for now, does not part of the Schengen area, citizens of the European Union may cross the border provided with a simple identity card or passport valid.

Minors accompanied by their parents should travel with an identity document and the family book or passport.

Participants from non EU countries must carry their passport and the corresponding visa as appropriate. Attention to those who need a Schengen visa, make sure that it is multi-entry.

When passing through customs with your bike, especially if it is on a trailer or in a van, it is necessary to present the registration card and your motorcycle insurance it with coverage for Europe.


The organisers have taken out an insurance policy which covers, in case of accident, fire or explosion during the sporting event or during the trials scheduled in the official programme for the event, the financial costs of any civil liability for which the organisers or participants may be responsible due to physical or material damage caused to spectators, third parties or participants (only to participants in the case of events that do not involve, in the totality of the course, private use of the public way).

Besides the insurance provided by the organisers, motorcycles entered must also be covered by their own civil liability insurance.

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