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I’ve never taken part in a motorcycle competition before. Will it be too hard for me?

In a word, no! The competition is not based on pure speed, but on the average speed over a limited distance (say, ten kilometres), which means that everyone can drive at whatever speed they are most comfortable with. What is more, the regularity trials are only one part of the whole event. Even if you are not particularly motivated by the competitive element, you are certain to enjoy driving around mountain roads and meeting others in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.

I’ve never used a roadbook before. Will I be able to follow it? Do I need specific equipment to fit the system to my bike?

Tripy is a digital roadbook with GPS. The direction you need to take appears automatically, along with the distance to the next intersection. It is practically impossible to get lost and, even if you do, an arrow will appear to guide you to the place where you should be. The Tripy can be attached to any type of handlebar by simple pressure and a RAM Mount-type ball and socket system of your choice, preferably on the left-hand side of the handlebar.

I’d love to take part, but I live in Canada and it is just too complicated to get myself to Andorra with my bike. Can you suggest any solution?

Over the last 15 years, Cyril and his team have travelled all around the world and have made friends everywhere. One of the reasons that persuaded us to organise this event was the idea of bringing together as many of these friends as possible and spending a few days together enjoying the sport we all love. That is also why we can put you in touch with companies that can rent you a classic motorbike or a different model. We can also offer a coach service to pick you up from Toulouse or Barcelona airport and bring you straight to the rally hotel (however, this does not include your bike). Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for full information about services and rates.

I’ve got a classic motorbike, but I’m not a very good mechanic. Can I still bring it along?

We won’t check your bike on arrival. It will need to be in good mechanical condition and have been checked recently – tyres, brake pads, chain, pinions, etc. A team of mechanics will be on hand throughout the event. If a bike breaks down, they will do all they can to get it back into the race. If they are unable to do this despite all their best efforts, they will take it back to the rally base camp. If it is impossible to repair a machine quickly, we will suggest renting a classic bike, subject to availability.

What documents do I need to bring with me?

You should bring your motorbike driver’s license, insurance (including coverage in Europe), your driver’s license corresponding to the cylinder capacity of the motorbike you will be driving and, of course, your passport.

I’ve got a neo-retro bike. Can I register to enter the race with it?

Just send us a photo of your bike, and we will reply quickly. We have nothing against neo-retros. In any case, Cyril has driven over most of the race circuit on a new Yamaha SR! However, we would like to see what your bike looks like before allowing you to enter it for the event. If it has been customised to improve its appearance (without reducing its safety), there is more chance that we will accept it.

I don’t drive, but I would like to accompany my husband/wife/friend/partner…

No problem – we can offer you the “family and friends” solution. This is an option that gives access to accommodation in the Andorra 500 “village” and to all catering facilities. However, this does not authorise you to ride the bike as a passenger. According to the rules, in order to take part in the event all participants must have an Andorra Motorcycle Federation temporary license, and this license will be revoked if any rider takes a passenger on their motorbike.

I haven’t got a classical bike, but I would like to accompany my husband/wife/friend/partner… on a modern motorbike. Is this possible?

We want to put the accent on classical bikes. They are the stars of the event, and we don’t want them to be overshadowed by modern machines. Sorry, but you cannot enter for the event as a competitor on a modern bike. However, we do offer a limited number of places for riders with modern machines who want to follow the event. Please contact us for full information about this possibility.

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