The Tripy GPS


Your entry fee includes the loan of a Tripy, which acts both as a measuring device and an electronic road book. It will be issued to you at scrutineering. Your bike must be fitted with a RAM type handlebar mount, ideally placed on the left hand side of the handlebar. Different models are available on Tripy’s webshop:

Tripy webshop

Alternatively you can purchase, from the supplier of your choice, ref 6004 (U type fixation for tubular handlebars). The mount must be in place when you present your bike for technical scrutineering. Tripy will supply the mounting arm RAM-Mount ref 6001 with the Tripy unit. No power cable is necessary as the Tripy has a 15 hour autonomy and your Tripy will be recharged every evening by the Tripy team.

The Tripy II will display by default all the road book notes in the form of traditional ‘tulip’ designs, with a kilometre countdown before each note. The Tripy II also features a display to show it is working correctly. It will be each competitor’s responsibility to ensure that their Tripy is functioning by checking the battery level and the GPS status.

The information downloaded from the Tripy will be : times at the different places decided by the organisers (time control, start / finish, intermediate points during regularity trials) as well as the number of the Tripy fitted to each bike and the quality of the GPS signal when each time is taken, plus the route taken by the competitor. This information will transferred to a time keeper to allow them to calculate the results.

In the case where you leave the route of the rally, the Tripy will instantly give you the compass heading and distance ‘as the crow flies’ to the next waypoint. As soon as you return to the rally route Tripy will automatically display the next road book note and countdown in real time.

The Tripy manual can be downloaded.

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